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Stata Programs and Links


Stata Programs

These Stata programs require Stata version 7 or higher (version 8 or higher recommended).

You can download them from within Stata using the following commands:

  net from http: //

  net install genhw: Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium test (description)

  net install gencc:  Allele analysis for case-control genetic studies (description)

  net install qtlsnp:  Exploratory SNP analysis for Quantitative Traits (description)

  net install hwsnp:  Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium test for multiple SNPs  (description)

  net install spaghetti: Spaghetti plots for panel data with missing and incomplete observations (description)

Useful Stata Links

UCLA- Resources to help you learn and use Stata

Princeton University - Stata Tutorial

Stephen P. Jenkins - Survival Analysis with Stata

Statalist - Stata listserver

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