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QTLSNP: Exploratory SNP analysis for Quantitative Traits

Description: qtlsnp displays summary results for SNP analysis of quantitative traits.  It succinctly reports on multiple SNPs and trait variables. Optionally qtlsnp reports details for each SNP analyzed.

By default, qtlsnp uses linear regression to compare the equality of means across genotypes while allowing for covariate adjustment. By specifying the median option, qtlsnp uses median regression instead of linear regression (see help for qreg), and by specifying bs, qtlsnp uses median regression with bootstrapped VCE (see help for bsqreg).

If you use this program please reference:   Cleves MA.Exploratory Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) for Quantitative Traits. The Stata Journal. 5(2):141–153 (2005). (Download)

 and optionally the website:

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